Workers Compensation Claims

You may be entitled to compensation

You will receive excellent service

If you are an employee and have a work injury which is serious you need legal advice.


What happens if I’m injured at work?
You can claim against the Employers Workers Compensation Insurance

You can claim for lost wages, medical expenses and a lump payment if your injury is serious

How do I start with my claim?

We are experts in running Workers Compensation claims. We will offer you a free consultation and how to proceed with the claim.

The Principal of the firm will be solely responsible for you claim.

How much will it cost me to make a claim?
We take on your claim on a no win, no fee guarantee.

We will pay your disbursements which are the fees outlaid in advance for the preparation of your claim. These can be very substantial. We will not charge any interest on those disbursements. This eliminates any chance of a ‘no win no fee no catch’.