Superannuation TPD & Income Protection Claims

You may be entitled to compensation

You will receive excellent service

We have vast experience and are fully trained and equipped to help you through Superannuation and Insurance claims. Compensation can be claimed on early retirement due to disability and in other special circumstances, which we are committed to assisting you in receiving.


How does my superannuation involve insurance claims?
Very often superannuation funds have insurance coverage as part of their package. That is, if you have money in superannuation you are most likely to have a total and permanent disability (TPD) policy attached to your superannuation benefits.
How can I access it?

The Insurer will never disclose you have a claim. It is up to you to find out and submit your claim. We can provide assistance by firstly ascertaining if a claim exists by analysing your superannuation policy and making a claim on your behalf.

Is it expensive and does it involve court cases?
No. We will pursue your claim on a no win no fee basis.
What do I need to get advice?

We provide obligation free advice as to whether you can bring a claim under a superannuation insurance policy and how to go about doing it.