Motor Accident Injury Claims

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In the case of an unfortunate situation, whether it was from a car accident, motorbike accident, bicycle accident, truck accident or any other motor vehicle accident you may be eligible for compensation, this may be available to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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We have vast experience in Motor Accident Injury Claims. Motor vehicle accidents require early investigation. The gathering of relevant information is highly important.

We stake our reputation on obtaining maximum compensation for those who have been wronged, from all walks of life, no matter their financial situation. We have the expertise to take on the big insurance companies and we can get you the compensation you need.

We offer a No Win No Fee guarantee for all motor vehicle accident claims.


Do I have a claim for motor vehicle compensation in NSW?
If you’re injured in a car, truck, motorbike, bicycle or any other type of vehicle, then you may have a claim for compensation following an accident on the NSW roads.
Car accident injuries can require extensive rehabilitation and the impacts can affect every aspect of your life. Sometimes a compensation claim is the only way to get enough money so that you can move on and get back on track.
Car accident claims can be quite complex, but generally, if the other driver is at fault for the accident then you might be able to claim for your injuries. In some instances even if the accident was your fault, then there may be avenues to compensation as well under NSW law.

We can quickly establish if you have a claim for compensation.
The Principal will be solely responsible for your claim.

Who pays the motor vehicle compensation in NSW?
In most cases, it’s the insurance company of the driver who caused that accident that pays compensation under NSW law, not the driver themselves. The driver won’t pay out of their own pocket so they won’t have to find lawyers to help them.
We are more than happy to go through this with you in person or over the phone at a time of your convenience if it’s something you are concerned about.
What are the requirements for a motor vehicle claim in NSW?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or any other type of vehicle, you may be able to claim compensation under NSW law. Each case is different, but what’s typically required is proof that you’ve suffered injury, the accident was caused, at least in part, by another person and you’ve suffered loss and injury as a result of what happened.
There are strict time limits when it comes to accident claims, so it’s best to contact us to see if you’re able to claim for compensation asap.
We’ll work with you to ensure you get the best possible outcome and help you every step of the way.

How much will a motor vehicle claim cost me?
We offer a No Win No Fee guarantee for all motor vehicle accident claims. We will pay your disbursements which are the fees outlaid in advance for the preparation of your claim. These can be very substantial. We will not charge any interest on those disbursements. This eliminates any chance of a ‘no win no fee no catch’. You only pay our legal fees if your case is successful.