The law relating to claims for injuries arising out of motor vehicle accidents is the subject of constant and ongoing change. The legislation was amended in mid-2017 which further changes the procedures involved in making such claims.
Guidelines are being drafted which will determine whether or not claims can be made. The State Insurance Regulatory Authority of New South Wales (SIRA) is looking at lodging claims online, limiting benefits for injured people and changing the way Insurers are obliged to deal with claims including obliging Insurers to pay real time loss of benefits.
This is too difficult for your average consumers and, indeed, too difficult for most lawyers. At Beston Macken Manis, the partners who manage this are Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury and have been for more than 10 years. It’s what we do and we do it really well. Don’t get caught out by an Insurer who may or may not have your interests at heart. Look after yourselves and your loved ones by getting the expert advice you need.


Hugh Macken

Hugh Macken is an accredited specialist in compensation law having been in private practice for over 20 years. He holds a Master of Laws Degree, and has extensive training and experience in industrial relations matters, court litigation, and alternative dispute resolutions.

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