No one likes being injured in any circumstances. Sometimes we are hurt but make a good recovery and that’s terrific. Other times the injuries are catastrophic and these can leave a person devastated for the rest of their life and, as often as not, leave their family devastated for just as long.
Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries give rise to enormous and ongoing costs. Pain and suffering and loss of wages are usually the simple matters to assess. What becomes much harder to deal with are the costs of equipment, care, domestic assistance, superannuation benefits and the like.
Not only are there negligence actions but there is usually claims which can be made for total and permanent disability whether you have a specific policy or whether you simply have an entitlement as a member of a superannuation fund.
You can’t leave these matters to chance or can you leave these matters to amateurs or solicitors who don’t have a proven track record in managing catastrophic cases.
At Beston Macken McManis we have, over the years, held records for the size of the verdict. We have been ground breaking in ensuring all things which can be fairly claimed are claimed. We don’t cut corners.
When it is yours and your family’s future at stake don’t leave anything to chance, contact the Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury at Beston Macken McManis and ensure your vital rights and entitlements are protected.


Hugh Macken

Hugh Macken is an accredited specialist in compensation law having been in private practice for over 20 years. He holds a Master of Laws Degree, and has extensive training and experience in industrial relations matters, court litigation, and alternative dispute resolutions.

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